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Queen - Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

Queen - Annie

Future Queens

Maddie: Welcome Maddie to Motherhood! It'll be a while yet before this little darling is ready to enjoy her own litter of kittens but her future is bright. Maddie is a very striking Tortie female who, depending on the stud she chooses to mate with, should provide us with a cascade of kitten colours. In keeping with her gentle nature, any kittens she does have should be equally as affectionate with their humans as she has been. She is a socially well-adjusted young lady in her current environment with a number of other Tuftscoons Maine Coon adult female cats as well as some DSH male fur siblings. Her own mom, Journey resides with her.

Mainecoon Cat Breeder Ontario Maddie (JourneyXFokus)

Mainecoon Cat Breeder Ontario Maddie (JourneyXFokus)

retired queens

Queen - Journey
Journey (retired)

Queen - Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian (Retired)

Queen - Jasmine
Jasmine (Retired)

Queen - Gemini
Gemini (Retired)

Queen - Sophie
Sophie (Retired)