The Fall Kittens
August 19 2019, Gibby X Prince Harry

Tuftscoons Orphan Annie and Prince Harry are proud to announce the birth of beautiful, healthy girls.  They were born August 19th, 2019, coming into the world at Tuftscoons home central within just a little under 2 hours.  Mom and babies are doing fabulous, with our little red tortie already trying to leave the nest, on the wobble almost right away.  No problems finding the milkbar with this litter as Annie is such a terrific, attentive and experienced mom.  We are so very proud to introduce to you.Tuftscoons Autumn (tortie) -reserved Tuftscoons Harvest (tortie) Tuftscoons Pumpkin (red tabby) Here at Tuftscoons, we treat every kitten birth as a special treasure and these three wee ones are even moreso as they were immediately named by a delightful, little 9 year old girl named Kya, who is very dear to both Cheryl and Barry.  This is just to give you all a first glimpse.  More photos will follow in the coming weeks as their eyes open and they begin to explore their world.

Mainecoon Kitten/Cat Breeder Ontario

These first twelve (12) to sixteen (16) weeks are critical for providing the very best opportunity to ensure healthy, well balanced and socially affectionate, curious, playful kittens when they arrive in their forever homes and surroundings.

All kittens are checked thoroughly by our fabulously attentive veterinarian, Dr. Ravi and his support staff at Simcoe Rossland Animal Hospital in Oshawa, Ontario.  Tuftscoons kittens are each monitored, vaccinated and will be registered prior to being adopted into their human families.  Once spaying or neutering has been confirmed, the human parents receive the kitten’s official registration paperwork.

Our number one concern as a breeder of kittens is for their stress-free life.
Thank you for respecting this non-flexibility in our Terms and Conditions for adoption.