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Tuftscoons Maine Coons

Welcome to Tuftscoons!
Allow me to tell you a little about myself and our kittens.  We’re a small cattery based 2 hours east of Toronto, Ontario.  We take pride in our cage free, family raised environment for our beautiful European Maine Coon cats and their kittens.

In life, I have always had pet cats and dogs.  I’ve always had a passion for animals.  I never thought that I’d end up becoming a Maine Coon cat breeder; however, these gorgeous cats stole my heart.

In 2010, I went to a cat show and it was there that I saw my very first Maine Coon.  I was in love!!  I knew I just had to have one of these fascinating creatures.

I did extensive research on the Maine Coon breed.  This cat breed seemed to be a perfect fit for my lifestyle.  It was at that point that my husband and I decided to start breeding Maine Coons and we’ve never looked back.

I am a past Vice-President and remain a member of the Motor City Cat Club of the Canadian Cat Association.  I am pleased to offer these beautiful cats for consideration as a new member of your family.

     ~ Cheryl and Barry Metcalfe

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